We Light the Way for You!

A Healing Journey

Whether you’re grieving, depressed, anxious, unsure how to overhaul your life, ready to move forward from traumatic events, heal ancestral traumas, ready to manifest your hearts desires…

We Light the Way for You to Move Forward and LIVE again! Learn more about A Healing Journey and Shamanic Clearing Ceremonies

A Journey with the Spirit of Ayahuasca – Beginning October 30th, 2019

Whether you’ve undergone an Ayahuasca experience, plan to do so in the future, or simply wish to connect with Her Medicine, this program helps you develop an intimate relationship with the Vine of the Soul to transform yourself and your life. Learn more and sign up here!

Shamanic Mentorship Program

During this intense Shamanic Medicine Program, you will learn how to set the stage for Transformation to occur for not just yourself, but others and the Earth as well. Learn more about Shamanic Mentorship Program!


Whether you’re looking for a Mediumship Reading or a Shamanic Oracle Reading, we can guide the specific modality based on your goals for the session to ensure you receive the style of reading you’re looking for. Learn more about Readings here!

Healing Massage

Imagine receiving a massage from a master therapist who knew what you needed in your mind body and spirit without you needing to explain anything! This is what a true healing massage means to Ayni. Learn more about Healing Massage!

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

An MLD session can help you loose weight, boost your immune system, detox your body, remedy skin conditions, and even save your life! Learn more about Manual Lymphatic Drainage!

Harmony Sessions

Rebalance yourself and restore harmony with a Harmony Session! Learn more Harmony Sessions here…

Deep Trance Channeling

A unique experience where you and Spirit can have a live conversation like old friends. Learn more about Deep Trance Channeling here…

Past Life Regressions

Explore your other lives in the Shaman’s Way! Learn more about Past Life Regression here…

DNA and Soul Ancestral Healing

Liberate yourself and future generations from misaligned ancestral memory. Remember your soul lineage and this lifetime’s purpose. Learn more about DNA and Soul Ancestral Healing here…


Learn about our Upcoming Events here!

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