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A Journey with Spirit of Ayahuasca

With Rev. Denise Saracco-Zoppi
Author, Medicine Woman, Spiritual Coach, Shaman Mentor, LMT, CMLDT

Begins: Monday, November 2, 2020!

Open Enrollment is closed until September 2021!

To apply, complete the form below and click “Submit”.

A little about this program and what Mama Aya wishes to offer you…

This is an online program! Watch and learn at your convenience! Every week you’ll receive a new video sent to your email with the weekly worksheet to compliment the video.

Mama Ayahuasca creates a life-changing experience for those who work with Her – be it as ingesting Her medicine OR entirely in Spirit.  When you are ready to step into the world of this very powerful, transformative plant spirit, your life and being is forever changed.  This program is to gently and lovingly guide you through that change and how to integrate Her medicine into your everyday life as to avoid a full-on life crisis freakout that most people experience.

During this year-long journey, we will work with the Spirit of Ayahuasca.  No, there will not be any plant medicine taken in any way.  This is a journey working with Her Spirit.  There are MANY places you can find to drink the yage, but very few vital teachings about how to actually heal yourself WITH Her help and integrate the Medicine She brings.  This Program is designed to allow for life-changing transformation to occur without the trauma.

This Program is for you if you:

  • Are ready for very deep, transformative healing with the Mother of All Plants
  • Have taken the yage in ceremony before, but now don’t know what to do with your life after such a life-changing experience
  • Are considering working with Ayahuasca plant medicine in a future ceremony but would like a thorough way to prepare for a life-changing experience
  • Feel stuck in your healing journey and no healer has been able to pull you through to date
  • Are looking for a profound online course that offers 24/7 live support during your healing journey

An Intensive Program by nature, the next 11 months will challenge you to your core beliefs, fears, resistances, and much much more.  At times, it will feel like you cannot continue the healing.  This is why Denise makes herself available to you 24/7 via phone, text, or email.  Working with Mama Aya – even if only in Spirit – can be overwhelming at times.  You will have the support of the Denise and your Mama Aya Tribe to help you through with Love.

There will be weekly homework assignments attached in the weekly email that coincides with that week’s Ayahuasca video.  Homework is to be completed each week as it is a vital and ancillary part of the program. 

This Program is heavy in direct experience material.  While you will receive content material relating to your healing journey, a large majority of this program is to empower an authentic connection between you and Mama Ayahuasca primarily.  This is also how Denise honors the unique belief systems and healing journeys of every participant.  She believes in creating a purity of experience via direct experience.

Individualized attention and healing will be done 3 times in the course of this program (see syllabus below) for those choosing the VIP option for this program.  During the week of 1:1 work, we will schedule a 100-minute private healing between you and Denise.  All private 1:1 sessions are scheduled before the first day of the program as to avoid calendar conflicts. A simplified ceremony will be given to those choosing the standard option for this program to be done on their own.

Investment Option #1 VIP – Program + support from Denise and online tribe + including 3 private 1:1 healing sessions with Denise – is valued at $2,999 or $250/month.  Apply before October 15, 2020 and receive an early bird discount of just $215/month! Acceptance into the program will require the last month’s payment as a non-refundable deposit. 

Investment Option #2 Standard – just the program + regular support from Denise and online tribe – is $2,399 or $200/month .  Apply before October 15, 2020 and receive an early bird discount of just $167/month.  Acceptance into the program will require the last month’s payment as a non-refundable deposit. 

All payments are made via Venmo or Square due the 1st of every month.  Late payments may be subject to a $10 late fee if received after the 10th of the month.  No refunds.

By the end of this course, you will be able to heal yourself in the following ways for the rest of your life:

  • How to connect with the Spirit of Ayahuasca (perhaps the most empowering tool you’ll ever learn)
  • Stripping Illusions of self and world
  • Healing ancestral wounds
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Multiple Ceremonies including Fire Ceremony
  • How to Love Yourself and Others Unconditionally
  • Vision Boards
  • Rewiring toxic patterns and belief systems
  • Healing your Inner Child
  • Healing your past and Stepping Into your future with clarity
  • Remembering who You are and why you’re here
  • And more!

The syllabus is below for your viewing pleasure.  Please complete the form below and submit your non-refundable deposit to be accepted into this program.

“I write this full of love, humility and gratefulness.   The woman that began this course no longer exists. At first, I thought that this would be too much for me. I was enrolled in two courses simultaneously. But for me, this was the only way. 
Mama Aya took me in arms wide open and Denise guided the way. Together, they have the most beautiful harmony. I learned so much about myself, toxic patterns, letting go, ancestral trauma, fire ceremonies, self healing. Truly too much to share. I have come to such an understanding of who I once was and who I am well on my way to becoming. 
This program has not only changed my life but most importantly, saved my life. I was bombarded with so many things this past year and through Mama Aya and Denise’s help I was able to grow, understand and look at certain things in a new light. I created boundaries and let go of what no longer serves me. You have to put in the work and be your most vulnerable and authentic self. 
To say I am unrecognizable at a soul level would be an understatement. I am forever grateful and indebted to Denise and Mama Aya. Where would I be had it not been for this course? Good thing I will never have to know. 
Denise is not just my mentor. I am elated to call her my sister and friend. Always available to answer my questions or to help with the curve balls of life. I am so happy that spirit crossed our paths. I wouldn’t want this journey to be facilitated by anyone else.    
Forever grateful and forever your student. Here’s to many more journeys. Love…” – Wanda Conboy of Yemaya Moon Boutique and Spiritual Church


Month 1: Foundations

  • Learn how to journey the Shaman’s Way
  • Begin relationship with the Spirit of Ayahuasca
  • Create focus and clarity with your healing requests
  • Initiation Ceremony

Month 2: Shedding the Past: Part 1 – Conscious Toxic Patterns

  • Awareness of toxic patterns
  • Breaking down toxic patterns into easily digestible parts
  • Illumination work and fire ceremony
  • 1:1 – Transformative Healing via Fire

Month 3: Shedding the Past: Part 2 – Subconscious Fears and Beliefs

  • Illusion Stripping
  • Subconscious belief patterns
  • Discovery of Fear in yourself
  • Illumination work and fire ceremony

Month 4: Shedding the Past: Part 3 – Ancestral DNA Repair

  • Discovery of ancestral wounds and triggers
  • Deeper awareness of ancestral and familial influence past and present
  • Repairing ancestral DNA line
  • Freeing yourself from ancestral patterns

Month 5: Healing The Heart: Part 1 – Self Love

  • Beginning the journey of healing resentment, guilt, and anger with yourself
  • Self Love and self forgiveness
  • Healing the “unworthy” wound
  • 1:1 Receiving the Sacrament of Love from Madre Ayahuasca

Month 6: Healing The Heart: Part 2- Forgiveness

  • Beginning the journey of healing resentment, guilt, and anger with others
  • Understanding a new perspective
  • Radical Acceptance
  • Forgiveness Ceremony

Month 7: Soul Connections

  • Rediscovering the Divine Intelligence within and all around
  • Remembering Who You Are
  • Soul Lineage reconnection
  • Your Sacred purpose revealing

Month 8: Soul Retrieval

  • Healing the Inner Child
  • Creating a Healthy Environment inside and outside
  • Singing the Soul Home
  • 1:1 – Soul Retrieval Ceremony

Month 9: Integration Part 1: The Plan

  • Honoring The True YOU
  • Your New Needs
  • Healing residual resistances
  • Vision Board

Month 10: Integration Part 2: Moving Forward Purposefully

  • Self-sabotage discovery
  • Fully releasing the old ways with Love
  • Healing residual fear and self-sabotage behaviors
  • Loving Yourself enough to say YES and NO

Month 11: Completion of Healing Journey

  • Reflection from Beginning to Now
  • Gratitude Despacho for Mama Ayahuasca
  • Sharing Gratitude with Aya Brothers and Sisters
  • Honoring your Journey Completion Ceremony

About Denise:

In 2011, Denise began her healing journey working with the Spirit of Ayahuasca in preparation to her trip to Peru in 2012.  She worked with Mama Aya in Spirit for a full year before ever stepping foot onto Peruvian soil.  She did this because she had a lengthy list of intentions and was guided to initiate the healing well before the ceremony.  She wanted to SERVE the ceremony vs the ceremony serving her.

What Denise discovered was that nearly 85% of her healing intentions were resolved before landing in Peru a year later.  The remaining 15+% was in the life-changing experience she had in the 3 ceremonies she attended in Peru.  Because so much legwork in her healing was done ahead of time, her exterior life had already changed dramatically.  This enabled her to ease into a new life already awaiting her new self upon her return.

Denise understood how unusual her preparation process was, and was so grateful she listened to Madre Ayahuasca’s sage guidance.  She watched those she was in ceremony with go into full tilt crisis trying to integrate the Medicine after their experience – and there was little to no assistance once they returned home.  They had to find their own ways via trial and error.  It was a traumatic experience for most.

Since her work with Mama Ayahuasca in 2012, Denise has worked with Her Spirit in all the healing ceremonies for hundreds of individuals and groups.  She’s experienced first-hand the power of the Spirit of Ayahuasca not just for herself, but for her clients and students as well.

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