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Deep Trance Channeling

There are many variations of channeling out there. As Shamans, we are the hollow bone for Spirit to flow through. This means that we completely step aside to allow Spirit to come into our physical bodies and share messages, healing, downloaded psychic information, and more.

Denise opens herself up to your team of Spirit Guides, Angels, Loving Ancestors, Soul Family, or the Divine itself to share their Medicine with you. This is intimate, personal, and deeply profound.

Imagine if you could sit down physically with your spirit guides. What would you say to them? What would they say to you?

This kind of “reading” is also incredibly healing. The sheer Medicine is palpable experienced by all in the presence of the channeled spirit. The depth of message received combined with the ability to have an open conversation, ask any question, in the moment, is like talking to your best friend…your very connected best friend!

Deep Trance Channeling sessions run approximately 2 hours. Because of the nature of this kind of service, we are currently offering this in-person only in our home sanctuary.

Deep Trance Channeling Session

2-HR Deep Trance Channeling Session


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