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DNA and Soul Ancestral Healing

We have two lineages: our DNA lineage and our Soul lineage. When we come into this life, we inherit ancestral memories of our dna lineage. We can also bring in unresolved traumas from other lifetimes into this lifetime.

When these wounds are present, it create belief systems and sabotaging patterns that can block us unconsciously from living our best life.

We begin the session with creating Sacred Space. Afterwards, we bring you on a journey through your bloodstream and speak our journey with you aloud. This is an interactive experience where you can ask questions, receive clarity, etc. We work with your guidance to trace the ancestral wounds – be it on a dna or soul level – back to its roots. We bring the Medicine of Love into the root for a healing to occur. The healing occurs on all levels and in all directions of space and time – including your current lifetime.

Some benefits often experienced include:

  • Resolved misunderstandings of inherited ancestral memory
  • Deepened appreciation for your ancestral lineages
  • Healing of the sabotaging patterns of fear
  • Remembering where you came from and clarity of your life’s purpose this lifetime
  • Clearing outdated toxic patterns for yourself and future generations

Ancestral Healing sessions run about 2 hours. Due to the intimacy of this kind of work and the method required for healing, all sessions must be done in person in our home sanctuary.

Ancestral Healing Session

2-HR Ancestral Healing Session


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