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Most of us have had intense dreams before – some of them incredibly horrifying, and others insanely beautiful. The question is: what do our dreams mean? Our dreams are a gateway to the extraordinary beyond ordinary reality. We can learn SO MUCH about ourselves and our lives when we pay attention to our dreams.

There are multiple types of dreams:

  • Subconscious Dreams – the most common type of dream, these are dreams that our subconscious self creates for our conscious self to connect with via images
  • Out Of Body Dreams – where your soul leaves your body and travels elsewhere – leaving you feeling incredibly tired despite how many hours of sleep you had
  • Prophetic Dreams – these are the kinds of dreams that come true in ordinary life
  • Recurring Dreams – this is a message dream that will, for some unfortunately, repeat until the message is received
  • Psychic Dreams – also known as “download dreams”, these dreams are information from your Higher Power to guide you on your path with specific information

During your session, you will be asked to share the details of your dream as best as you can remember. Our Dream Guides will analyze your dream to help you discover its meaning.

Please note: the symbols in your dreams are incredibly personal, so your Dream Guide may ask you questions to ascertain YOUR meaning of the symbols based on your responses.

30 minutes I $65
60 minutes $120

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