Energy Healing

*All sessions are approximately 100-minutes in length.  Both In-Person or FaceTime/Skype Sessions are available*


Long ago, before the use of herbal remedies, massage therapy, meridian bodywork, and other ancient healing ways, there was energy healing.   What is energy healing?  For us, it is using prayer, mindful focused intention, and allowing Divine Love to flow though and create restoration – be it for a person, animal, or the Earth.  This energy healing is called many things, but it is all Love and in our training and experience, Love heals All.

Shamanic Healing Ceremonies

In the presence of the Sacred, Denise opens love healingher heart to every patient.  Using several of the modalities named below, she opens a space for transmutation, freedom, and harmony.  Light drumming, rattling, sacred chants, power songs, sacred herb medicine, and floral waters may be used to facilitate the Love to pour forward.

Whether your need for help resides in your body, heart, mind, spirit, or all combined – these sessions are for those ready to create positive shifts in their lives.

Specific modalities that may be used during a Healing Ceremony:

Tarot – for Spirit guidance on what healing is needed
Extraction Healing – clearing the way for peace and healing to occur
Power/Soul Retrieval – restoring lost pieces of the self that may be trapped in a trauma, healing those pieces, and restoring a person’s energy to wholeness.
Medicine Song – energy healing via vocal toning and song (a.k.a. sound healing)
Tibetan Singing Bowls – resonant bowls facilitate core healing on all levels using frequency, pitch, tone, and vibration
Channeling – allowing the Medicine of Love to step in physically and conduct the healing session from beginning to end
Spiritualove mandala1l Counseling – Divinely guided empowerment techniques to help the mind grasp the changes to begin the transformational process.  Also used to help see new perspectives, toxic patterns, and bring about mental awareness to a challenge
Reiki – Universal Life Force energy in the highest Love frequency wraps a person in an energetic warm blanket to create harmony and ease stress
Various sacred smoke and sacred waters – each has their place and their Medicine to open the pathway to wellness
Rattle/Medicine Drum Doctoring – syncopated rhythms disrupt negative neuropathways and help the mind forge healthy paradigms.  Also used to stir a malady for transmutation
Crystal Medicine – master healers emanate specific Love frequencies for harmonic alignment
Prayer/Intention – the specific requests for help set out to the MedicinRaindrops_red_rose[1]e of Love
Acupressure – aligning the body’s energy pathways to restore balance and harmony
Grief Work – assisting the grieving process towards acceptance and peace.

Other Energy Healing Services:
Shamanic Clearing Ceremony
Limpia (South American Energy Clearing) Ceremony
Rose Healing Ceremony

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