Hours of Operation:

By Appointment in Newton, NJ

Shamans Denise and Joshua visit Esmeralda’s Earth Wind and Fire in Miami, FL!

Private Shamanic Healing Sessions

Denise will conduct private Shamanic Healing Ceremonies. Receive healing directly from the healing spirits as Denise channels the Doctoring Spirits via:

– Medicine Songs sung just for you
– Drumming
– Rattling
– Use of Sacred Herbs
– Flower Waters
– Tibetan Singing Bowls
– And more!

Learn more about Shamanic Healing Ceremonies

Energy Exchange: $197/ 2-hour session

Shamanic Oracle and Mediumship Readings

Joshua is available for Shamanic Oracle Readings and Mediumship Readings. Receive a Message from Spirit about a specific topic(s), find closure with a loved one in Spirit, or simply see who comes through with a message for you!

Learn more about Readings

Energy Exchange: $50/25 minutes

Harmony Sessions

Rebalance, restore, relax while your chakras, aura, and vital energy sources are aligned and healed. Singing Bowls, Acupressure, Reiki, and a clearing Ceremony in a single one hour session.

Learn more about Harmony Sessions

Energy exchange: $100/60 minutes

Deep Trance Channeling

A unique experience! What would it be like to have a chat with your loving guidance? Denise opens herself up as a vessel for Spirit to come and speak to you through her. Sessions run about 90 minutes to 2 hours. Bring your questions!

Learn more about Deep Trance Channel

Energy exchange: $197/2 Hours

Past Life Regressions

We open the space for the sacred to enter, and State our intention for you to enter the portals into memories of your other lifetimes. We guide you through the process, journeying together to explore beheaded memories unlike healing applicable to this lifetime. Sessions are about 90 minutes in length.

Learn more about Past Life Regression

Energy exchange: $153

DNA and Soul Ancestral Healing

We have two lineages: our DNA lineage and our soul lineage. When we come into this life, we inherit ancestral memories of our DNA lineage. We can also bring in unresolved trauma’s from other lifetimes into this lifetime. This is a session for resolving these traumas. Sessions run about two hours.

Learn more about DNA and Soul Ancestral Healing

Energy Exchange: $197/2 Hours

Payments can be made following the Learn More Links in each category.

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