Upcoming Events

***Please RSVP to Denise Saracco at or via text/call at 862-268-3213 as space is limited!  Feel free to share with others!***

All Events are held at our Sacred Home Sanctuary in Mount Arlington, NJ unless otherwise stated.  Address is provided upon RSVP.

June 2017 Events

An Afternoon With Spirit
With Joshua Zoppi, Medium for Mediumship and Oracle Readings and Denise Saracco for Shaman Readings
Saturday, June 24th from 1:30pm – 4pm
$25/15 minutes

Not sure what direction you need to walk towards?  Do you have unanswered questions?  Are you looking to connect with a loved one in Spirit?  If you’re wanting to hear what Spirit has to say, set up your appointment and let the healing messages guide you towards clarity and love in your life.

Pay for 15-Minute Reading Now

Healing with Crystals and Tibetan Singing Bowls
With Denise A. Saracco, Medicine Woman, LMT, OM
Saturday, June 24th at 12 Noon – 1:30pm
Suggested Love Donation: $20

Come and let the frequencies of these ancient handmade Tibetan singing bowls combined with crystal healing remedies to melt away stress, anxiety, fear, grief, physical ailments, overactive minds, and fragmented souls. Powerful resonances create a sacred space to restore your heart, mind, body, and spirit back to wholeness and balance.

All religions and spiritual beliefs are welcome as this work is non-denominational. Science fuses with art of music for healing purposes as it has for centuries.

Bring your healing intentions and let the crystals and bowls work their magic! Bring also a yoga mat, pillow, and blanket to lay on during the healing.

RSVP required to Denise at 862-268-3213 or A Love Donation of $20 is requested but not required.

Pay for Singing Bowl Healing Now

The Shaman Way 101
With Denise Saracco, Medicine Woman, Ordained Minister, LMT and Joshua Zoppi, Shaman and Medium
When: Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 7pm
Where: Huna Healing Center, 5 East Main Street, Suite 28B, Denville NJ 07834
Investment: $50/person

Ancient and full of Medicine, Shamans have been the Bridges for Spirit since the Prehistoric Era. Connecting with the Powers of Nature, Ancestors, and Spirit Beings, Shamans have forged a way for all peoples in every culture to have a direct experience with the Sacred.

This workshop will provide the very basic practices of most every Shaman around the world. You will learn how to:
– Engage the Sacred from the Seven Directions (a.k.a the Medicine Wheel)
– Create a Shaman’s home altar
– Meet your Primary Power Animal or Spirit Teacher
– Cultural variances in Shamanic practices
– Create Sacred Space for all spiritual work
– Access the Spirit Realms via traditional Shamanic Journey methodology

Powerful transformative healing is a natural byproduct of engaging in this work. Be initiated into the Sacred realm of Spirit!

Please bring drums, rattles, notebook, pen, eyeshade, and something to lay on for journey work.

Pay for The Shaman Way 101 Now

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