Upcoming Events

*Please RSVP to Denise at or via text/call at 862-268-3213 as space is limited!  Feel free to share with others!*

All Events are held at our Sacred Home Sanctuary in Mount Arlington, NJ unless otherwise stated.  Address is provided upon registration.

Shamanic Healing Circle

With Shamans Denise and Joshua Zoppi

When: Friday, July 27th at 7:30pm

Investment: $40

Love Heals All! Receive high frequency Healing on all levels from the Divine as we engage the Medicine Ones of Love. Some of the Healing Ways include:

⁃ Medicine Songs sung to you directly from Healing Spirit via Shamanic channeling

⁃ Clearing Ceremony to help transmute dense and toxic energies

⁃ Drum and Rattle Doctoring to aid Healing Spirit in extraction of disharmonious energies as well as power and soul retrieval

⁃ Rose Water Ceremony for Heart Healing

⁃ Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing to align and rebalance chakras

⁃ And more!

Seating is limited. Please Register below to reserve your spot:

Register Now for Shamanic Healing Circle


5F63647C-9537-49BE-A17D-768C7595DC9CThe Shaman Way 101
When: Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 1pm
Where: ISD Sparta, 15 Sparta Ave., Sparta, NJ
Investment: $50/person

Ancient and full of Medicine, Shamans have been the Bridges for Spirit since the Prehistoric Era. Connecting with the Powers of Nature, Ancestors, and Spirit Beings, Shamans have forged a way for all peoples in every culture to have a direct experience with the Sacred.

This workshop will provide the very basic practices of most every Shaman around the world. You will learn how to:
– Engage the Sacred from the Seven Directions (a.k.a the Medicine Wheel)
– Create a Shaman’s home altar
– Meet your Primary Power Animal or Spirit Teacher
– Cultural variances in Shamanic practices
– Create Sacred Space for all spiritual work
– Access the Spirit Realms via traditional Shamanic Journey methodology

Powerful transformative healing is a natural byproduct of engaging in this work. Be initiated into the Sacred realm of Spirit!

Please bring drums, rattles, notebook, pen, eyeshade, and something to lay on for journey work.

Register Now for The Shaman Way 101


Opening to Love: Rose Water Healing
When: Saturday and Sunday November 3rd and 4th from 10am – 6pm each day
Investment: $175

The power of Love transforms. It is the lifeblood of well-being. It is a spring from which you are fed each day. It inspires and heals. You and your life transform into a sacred experience. It is possible to live in right relationship with Love once again. Let me show you how!

This workshop is for you if you:
– Are ready to learn how to love yourself
– Need to learn how to let Love in
– Feel cold or disconnected from yourself or others
– Want to cultivate a deeper sense of self love
– Are unsure what Love even looks or feels like
– Feel ready to heal your heart
– Ally with a potent Spirit for heart healing transformation
– Need help grieving and letting go
– Set the stage for healing for your heart anytime you need

During our time together, you will learn the following:
– Where we block Love
– Specific ways to create a self love practice
– Understand how Love transforms and heals on all levels
– Ally with Spirit of Rose
– Exercises to connect with the essence of Love via Spirit of Rose
– Experience a unique Rose Blessing Ceremony
– Awaken the Spirit of Rose for healing ceremony for self and others
– Channel Spirit of Rose authentically

Prior participants have been transformed by this workshop in very significant ways. Let this be the place you begin to transform your life towards your dreams. This is a beautiful way to begin a sacred walk with Love once again.

Please bring any food items you need for the day, yoga mat, small pillow, and blanket for meditation exercises, as well as a notebook and pen. Water and snacks will be provided.

Seating is limited. Please reserve your space now below:

Register Now for Opening To Love


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