Upcoming Events

*Please RSVP to Denise at or via text/call at 862-268-3213 as space is limited!  Feel free to share with others!*

All Events are held at our Sacred Home Sanctuary in Mount Arlington, NJ unless otherwise stated.  Address is provided upon registration.


New Year’s Manifestation Ceremony
Date: New Year’s Day 1/1/2020 at 2pm
Energy Exchange: $50 – Bring a friend and you both pay just $45!  This includes the cost of ALL supplies you will receive.

*Space is limited!  Please RSVP to Denise at phone/text 862-268-3213 to save your spot!

This Ceremony will focus on the elements of Fire and Earth as we place our sacred intentions for the Blessings of 2020 to manifest in our lives!

During this multidimensional Ceremony, we will engage the Sacred in multiple ways:
– A Fire Ceremony to cleanse us of any remaining toxicity from 2019
– A Journey with our Spirit Guides and ask for any Divine Insight for the new year 2020
– An Earth Ceremony as we plant our intentions and dreams of this New Year
– Craft our Ritual Candles to burn at home to keep the magic flowing post Ceremony

You will be provided and take home with you:

– a small plant for your New Year’s intentions
– a ritual candle charged with your specific intentions and decorated by you in sacred space

Please bring with you:
– What you’re releasing from 2019
– What you’re ready to receive in 2020
– Something comfy to sit on

*Space is limited!  Please RSVP to Denise at phone/text 862-268-3213 to save your spot!


Shamanic Healing Circle

Date: TBD

With Shamans Denise and Joshua Zoppi

Investment: $50

Imagine entering a time and place where the Sacred has gathered to help you with your healing intentions. Love. Peace. High frequency Medicine. Deep transformation. Direct communication with Spirit.

For thousands of years, Shamans have opened themselves to the Sacred for healing of the people. It is as if Spirit itself comes to doctor. Denise and Joshua will open themselves for Spirit to manifest physically for your healing.

Some of the Healing Ways include:

⁃ Medicine Songs sung to you directly from Healing Spirit via Shamanic channeling

⁃ Clearing Ceremony to help transmute dense and toxic energies

⁃ Drum and Rattle Doctoring to aid Healing Spirit in extraction of disharmonious energies as well as power and soul retrieval

⁃ Rose Water Ceremony for Heart Healing

⁃ Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing to align and rebalance chakras

⁃ And more!

Please bring pillow and mat to sit or lie on.

Stay Tuned! More to Come!

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