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By Appointment in Newton, NJ

What if you could anchor into a powerful connection with a specific Goddess ….. to call Her out by name when you need Her ……… to know who She is and how She wants to help you? What if you could develop an intimate and magical alliance with Her?

In these Goddess Healing Journeys, you CAN!

During the session, you will be drawn magnetically to the perfect Goddess who’s been trying to reach out to you!

We will discover her message, and then create invoke her Healing Essence directly into you as Denise builds Her Altar literally on your belly.

Afterwards, She will channel directly through Denise and take you on a guided journey to meet Her, hear Her message, receive a healing from Her, and so much more!

Denise will teach you how to build a home altar just for Her, and how to continue to grow your relationship with Her in your life. You will also take home a small crystal charged up with your Goddess’ healing Medicine to help you anchor into the Her power.

Sessions are about 100 minutes in length. Energy exchange is $197.

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