Hours of Operation:

By Appointment in Newton, NJ

Harmony Sessions

These shorter, 1-hour healing sessions are a catch-all for lighter healing work including:

  • Chakra Rebalancing
  • Reiki/Crystal/Accupressure Healing
  • Learning how to Journey the Shaman’s Way
  • Clearing energies of stress, anxiety, other people’s energy from your energy field
  • Limpia Ceremonies (Peruvian Aura Clearing Ceremony working with Egg and Cedar)
  • Guided Meditations
  • Tibetan Singing Bowl healing

In a nutshell, these lighter healing techniques require less time than a full 2-hour Shamanic Healing Session. A Harmony Sessions is right for you if you feel you need:

  • An energetic “tune-up”
  • Help clearing your auric field (feelings of grumpiness, stuckness, anxiety, racing thoughts, etc.)
  • Anxiety
  • Rebalancing/Centering/Grounding

These sessions run approximately 1 hour and are done in person, phone, Facebook Messenger, or FaceTime.

Harmony Session

1-HR Harmony Session


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