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Original Creators of the Whispers of Wisdom (“WOW Method”) Healing Technique

A Healing Session is the “catch-all” for any healing you may need. You do not need to know what type of holistic treatment you need. You simply come as you are, and your Healer will expertly craft a customized healing journey to support your wellness goals.

A Healing Session is for the mind, heart, body, and spirit.  Any challenge that you’re experiencing is traced back to the origin of the wound – which we believe all wounds originate on a soul level. Healing Sessions incorporate Ayni’s “WOW Method” healing technique – a technique that is based on the most ancient form of healing our ancestors utilized at least 15,000 years ago.

This technique, when applied skillfully, has treated all kinds of disharmonic conditions – even before scientific or herbal medicine knowledge was known.

Disharmonic conditions we treat inside a Healing Session include symptoms associated with:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • PTSD
  • Loss/Grief
  • Disassociation
  • Spiritual Blockages
  • Toxic Mental Patterns
  • Curses/Black Magic
  • Energetic Cord Cutting
  • Life Path Realignment
  • Exorcism
  • Crisis Support
  • Addictions

What happens during a Healing Session?

We begin your first session with the Initial Assessment.  During the 3-hour session, your Healer performs a Healing Assessment. During this Assessment, your Healer discusses your healing intentions, challenges, and may ask you some questions about your history. Next, your Healer will perform a reading to understand, from the Sacred’s perspective, where the root of your challenges lies. Finally, we create a unique healing journey for you that is molded to your specific intentions and goals.  Life Coaching techniques are applied during the “talking part” of your session.

After the Assessment has completed, your Healer will then shift the session to the Healing treatment. S/he will first discuss with you suggested mindfulness exercises and empowerment tools for you to work with in between sessions. You will be provided customized mindfulness exercises and empowerment tools to focus on and apply inside their daily routines. This is how you’ll activate your own innate healing process and find empowerment within your own healing journey. Afterwards, you’ll remain fully clothed and lay on a cushioned massage table. You’ll be welcome to slip under the blankets if you wish for maximum comfort.

Your Healer will draw on an intuitive fusion of healing tools depending on your specific needs. During any given session, some of the tools your Healer may apply include:

  • Flower Water Ceremony – for those grieving or experiencing heartache, or for those who need The Sacred to remind them how loved they are, Flower Water is applied (with your permission) to nurture the troubled heart.
  • Sound Therapy – powerful vibrational sound medicine that brings up the challenge to the surface, creates energetic balance, and rewires toxic mental patterns
  • Rattle and Drum Doctoring – calls in additional energy, activates transformational healing, moves stagnant energy, removes blockages and discordant energy, revitalizes you from your cells to your soul.
  • Reiki – Universal Love from The Sacred wraps around you like a warm blanket while restoring energy depletion.
  • Ancestral DNA Repair/Past Life Regression – for healing traumas from your DNA ancestral lineage and/or your soul lineage.
  • Aromatherapy – application of therapeutic essential oils
  • Crystal Healing – activated crystals and/or crystal grids are applied to support and heighten the healing session
  • Power Songs – The Sacred will channel directly through your Healer and offer its healing via song as sound healing.
  • Clearing Ceremony – cleansing of the aura and spirit via cleansing herbs and resins.
  • Soul Retrieval – singing the soul back home after a trauma.
  • Extraction Healing/Exorcism – removal of toxic energies that block you from manifesting your best life
  • Curse Removal – a ceremony specific to help break curse energy.

Your Healer welcomes you to contact him/her in between sessions at no additional cost. We believe in supporting you both inside and outside of a Healing Session as much as you need.

Subsequent follow up sessions are shorter in length and designed to take your healing journey to the next level. True Healing is a multi-layered journey. Some clients move through their processes and manifest their intentions quickly. Others take time. We allow your healing journey to unfold session to session.

Initial assessment sessions are about 3 hours at length. Subsequent follow up sessions average 1-2 Hours depending on your needs and budget.

Sessions are done both in person or virtually. Both Rev. Denise and Joshua offer this service. Feel free to choose your desired Healer, and then book your Initial Healing Session by clicking HERE!

1 Hour “Mini Session”: $125
2 Hour “Follow-Up” Session: $247
3 Hour “Initial” Session: $300

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