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Into The Cauldron: Shamanic Shadow Work

With Joshua Zoppi, Shaman Mentor, Medium, Anthropologist, and Soul Midwife

Online Course begins Monday, February 1st, 2021

TO REGISTER: Complete the Application at the bottom of this page. Upon receipt of your application, Joshua will contact you to schedule a 30-minute interview to ensure there is harmony between you and this program. Interviews are done live either in person or via zoom. Not all who apply will be accepted. If you’re interested, you are encouraged to apply before January 30th, 2021.

There are many times in our lives when we touch our shadow parts of self.  Our preoccupations with pleasing others, giving away our power, and all sorts of motivations based in fear, acceptance, doubt, etc. often rob us of claiming our souls and our lives fully.  These and other “negative” emotions are often triggered when the Shadow Self is ready to heal and integrate into your life. This is the sacred work inside of Into The Cauldron.  Within 7 months, you will bring to Light your Shadow Self and integrate both halves to mend your whole spirit.  You will work with misunderstood Deities to help you find deep compassion, healing, and understanding of your own Shadow Self.

This curriculum is a 7-month online journey deep into Your Essence to fuse both the Light and the Dark aspects into a functional, healthy balance.  You will receive one 60+ minute video + corresponding worksheet every Monday for 7 months to guide and support you through this journey.

Each video will help you go deeper than the week before in your healing journey.  Working within a Shamanic and folkloric construct, you will also be introduced to and align with specific Deities from varying traditions.  These archetypical Deities have historically aided humankind in multiple healing capacities, and they come to this program ready to aid you as well!

This program is for you if you:

  • are ready to know your shadow self
  • have been waiting for a program to help you fuse your Light and Dark selves into a balanced wholeness
  • feel ready to love and accept ALL of yourself
  • are looking for guidance in finding forgiveness and acceptance of yourself

Each week will have a specific focus and complimentary healing tools, ceremonies, guided channeled meditations, and/or teachings directly from Spirit.  What you acquire inside this program will help you navigate the realms of your Shadow Self with confidence moving forward. 

During the course and upon completion of this course,
you will receive:

  • A Certificate of Completion from Ayni Healing Arts Center
  • Access to Joshua for questions or support 24/7/365
  • Access to the ITC Community via Facebook to connect with your ITC Tribe
  • Working knowledge of how to integrate your Light and Dark Selves
  • A transformational experience that will unlock your hidden gifts
  • Lifetime alliance with powerful creation deities to support you moving forward
  • Teachings of how to call in Spirit, honor specific Deities, and a well-established spiritual practice that will support you during good and challenging times

There are 2 levels of experience you may select from in this program:

  1. The Basic Experience #1 includes just the weekly videos + worksheets.  Valued at $1199, this first-time offering is discounted to $999, or 7 monthly payments of $143. There are no refunds.
  • The VIP Experience #2 includes all the videos + worksheets, PLUS (2) 100-minute personalized 1:1 healing sessions with Joshua either in person or via Zoom.  Sessions are designed to add a personalized touch inside this program and to help you breakthrough any challenges you may experience.  Valued at $1499, this first-time offering is discounted to $1199, or 7 monthly payments of $172. There are no refunds.


Month 1 – The Foundations

Week 1: Introduction to Work + Intention Ceremony

Week 2: How to Honor Spirit Connections

Week 3: Meeting Our Guides

Week 4: Opening Ceremony for Healing

Month 2 – Opening To Truth

Week 1: Discovering Your Shadow Self

Week 2: The Shadow’s Resistances

Week 3: Emotional Tides

Week 4: Truth Revealing

Month 3 – The Misunderstood Shadow

Week 1: The Unaccepted Soul

Week 2: Seeds of Love

Week 3: Memories and Beliefs

Week 4: The Effects We Make on Others

Month 4 – Duality of Good vs Bad

Week 1: Stripping the Masks

Week 2: Beyond Duality

Week 3: Forgiveness

Week 4: Compassionate Eyes and New Choices

Month 5 – The Transformation

Week 1: Exploring the Beauty of Light

Week 2: Exploring the Beauty of Dark

Week 3: Internal Rebalancing

Week 4: External Rebalancing

Month 6 – Ancestral Healing

Week 1: Discovering Ancestral Fear and Non-Acceptance

Week 2: Ancestral Beliefs

Week 3: Ending Ancestral Trauma Cycles

Week 4: Fire Ceremony

Month 7 – The Close

Week 1: Stepping Into The Cauldron of Change

Week 2: Surrendering the Old Self

Week 3: Birthing Integrated Self

Week 4: Closing Ceremony

About Joshua Zoppi, “The Family Medium”, Medical Intuitive, Shaman Mentor, Soul Midwife, Anthropologist

Joshua has been connecting with Spirit since a young child.  His first documented mediumship experience was in 1992.  He communed with an ancestor in spirit and the information he relayed was confirmed as true within 36 hours.  Since then, Joshua has developed his psychic, healing, and intuition abilities to a professional level.  He has merged his passion for culture, spiritual practices, and family together inside his practice with his wife, Denise, since 2016.  Together they collaborate on retreats and other Ayni Teaching programs.  Joshua’s teaching style is patient, compassionate, and poetic in the way he communicates.

Please be advised that submitting this application form does not grant acceptance into the program. You will receive an email from Joshua within 48 hours after submission of this form requesting to schedule a 30-minute interview in person or via zoom. All interviews must be completed by January 30th, 2021.

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