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By Appointment in Newton, NJ

Awaken Your Inner Magician

Maiden Year 1: Begins Saturday, May 2nd 11am – 5pm

With: Rev. Denise Saracco-Zoppi, Author, Medicine Woman, Master Ceremonialist, Shaman Mentor, Success Coach, LMT, CMLDT

* OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT! To apply, complete the form below.  Denise will respond within 48 hours to schedule a free 30-minute interview via Phone or Zoom to ensure you and this program are in harmony.  *

Inside of each of us lies a potent Magician ready to show you what truly lies beyond the veil of the mundane world.  What if you could tap into your Inner Magician to make miracles manifest in your everyday life?  This program serves as an empowerment vortex to transition you from your mundane, muggle reality – into an enchanted magical lifestyle in sync with nature! 

Explore with Shaman Denise the hidden realms, beings, and gateways to learn universal truths and natural laws as the blueprint to work with.  We will dive into new topics every month including:

  • The Medicine Wheel and The Elements
  • Develop Your Trustworthy Intuition
  • Lunar and Solar Phases of Magic
  • The Spirits/Pantheons
  • Your Magic Altar
  • How To Connect With Spirit
  • Chakras and Why They’re Important
  • Ethics
  • Creating a Magical Space
  • How to Set Solid Intentions
  • And so much more!

We will meet in person on the First Saturday of every month beginning Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 from 11am – 5pm for one full year.  If COVID-19 continues, our first session or two will be online via Zoom. All in person gatherings will be held at Ayni Healing Arts Center in Newton, NJ.  Each month will feature a different focus – complete with practices, homework assignments, academic knowledge, and magical tools to work with throughout the month!  This program is written with a Shamanic perspective focused on high frequency magic for benevolent purposes only.

Benefits of this program include:

  • Develop your intuitive self
  • Attract what you need in life
  • Transformative self-healing
  • Grow authentic connections with the forces of nature
  • Awaken your spirit and your innate gifts
  • Explore the hidden magic in your everyday life
  • Form powerful alliances with ancient beings
  • And more!

Aside from the monthly in-person class days, there are other ways you’ll be invited to participate and work with your practices.  All Maiden Magicians will be welcomed to celebrate the Full Moon every month, as well as the Eight Holy Days.  We offer this as a way to attune you to the cycles and rhythms of nature.  These celebrations are at no additional cost to you because of your participation in this program!

You’ll have access to the Teachings, your Tribe, and Denise in the following ways:

  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group 24/7/365
  • Monthly Full Moon celebrations
  • Seasonal Holy Day celebrations
  • 24/7/365 access to Denise by phone email or text
  • One Weekend Retreat in Bangor PA

Total investment of this program is valued at $2,999.  Denise is offering a first-time program discount and the total investment is offered now at $1,997.  Monthly payments can be made at just $169/month!  To apply, complete the form below.  Denise will respond within 48 hours to schedule a free 30-minute interview via Phone or Zoom to ensure you and this program are in harmony.  Upon acceptance, you will be asked to send your last month’s payment of $169 as a deposit to secure your spot in this program.

The Maiden Year 1 will set the foundations you will require to move forward into the more advanced parts of magic.  The Mother Year 2 focuses on applying and crafting your magic, and the different forms in which magic can be worked with and created.  With a strong foundation from the Maiden Year, our Mother Year will be able to draw upon the ancient beings and forces of nature in skillful ways.  From there, the final step in this program is Crone Year 3.  During our Crone Year, you will learn how to master your craft and lead others in their magical workings.  You will learn how to write your own rituals and at the end, step into a leadership role.

There are no obligations to continue past Maiden Year 1, but all will be welcomed to continue on should you so desire!

About Denise:

Denise has been connecting with Spirit since 1982.  She was initiated by Spirit on many occasions to serve as a Shepherd – to light the way for those who are lost.  Denise has studied magic directly from Spirit since 1989, as well as from her earthly teachers since 2003.  She came to realize that her direct teachings from Spirit were deeply compatible with the teachings from her earthly teachers, and she began to fuse them together in her personal life.  Magic has been Denise’s great Awakener in her life.  It was Magic that awoke her spirit and set her on a path to living her best life possible.  It was Magic that healed her, and it continues to be Magic that keeps Denise in awe of nature’s miracles everyday.  Denise describes Magic as the center point where we engage the Sacred and make a request.

Denise has taught many programs successfully since 2010, including her Shamanic Medicine Programs, Spirit of Ayahuasca Program, and Open To Love Program.  She believes in empowering her apprentices and bringing joy, laughter, and love to All.


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