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Mama Mango

Mama Mango’s Story:

Mama’s story began one ordinary day when Josh and I were at home handling mundane tasks.  Minding my own business, I suddenly received a vision!  I turned to Josh and said, “Prepare yourself, Love!  We’re going to have a large, white, fluffy dog in our lives soon.  It will be a female dog, and she’s going to be a gentle giant.” 

My husband looked at me, and replied, “Um, ok?”  He knew I just received a Divine message and he was now along for the ride.

About 2 months went by, and Josh and I were driving in the Morristown area running errands.  It was a super mundane day.  Another sudden message came to me.  I said to Josh, “Pull over right away!”  He looked at me startled and asked if everything was ok.  I said, “Yes, but I think our dog has arrived!”  I received a strong psychic message to STOP, pull over, look for the nearest dog shelter, and go inside, because our next dog is waiting for us!

I didn’t realize there was a shelter, St. Hubert’s in Madison, within a few miles from where we were!  I had never been there nor did I know it existed until that moment.  We promptly went to the shelter, realized they were OPEN, and went inside.

We pretended like we were “just looking” for large breed dogs.  Once we were brought back to the kennels, THERE SHE WAS!  The very first dog!!  As soon as I saw her, my heart exploded with Love.  I KNEW it was her. 

Mama came to us very sick.  We were told she had kennel cough, but she ended up actually having double pneumonia.  She was emaciated…literally undernourished and half her normal weight!  She almost died at one point when the meds given by the shelter stopped working.  She was touch and go.  I pleaded with Mama.  I begged her to stay.  I promised her that I would help her live her best life doing whatever she’s here to do in the best of my ability.

A few weeks later, Mama made a full recovery.

Almost 7 months afterwards, Mama had a stroke.  She seized for over 30 minutes and lost all function and senses on the left side of her body.  She couldn’t walk, see, smell, hear, or anything on her left side.  Our healer friends and students came regularly and gave Mama Reiki.  Mama was welcomed into the ISD Church in Sparta with at least 10 other healers who ALL layed their healing hands on Mama. 

I received a strange, powerful dream one night as if I was both myself and inside of Mama, and Mama was literally talking to me in the dream!  She told me, “Mommy, Mommy, take it out of my head please!”  There was a large mushroom growing inside her brain.  In the dream, I said to Mama, “Mama are you sure?!  It looks really deep in there!”  Mama adamantly insisted.  So I pulled out the mushroom by its stem, and she immediately felt relief. 

After I woke from the dream, I looked up fungus in the brain, spoke with a few friends, and came to discover that canine meningitis IS a FUNGUS in the BRAIN!!!!  The vets I took Mama to couldn’t figure out what caused the stroke, but I told them what she told me in the dream.  Every doctor I met with looked at me strangely lol! 

Everyday, I gave Mama her Reiki treatment, some Shamanic healing, and lymphatic drainage.  It took a few months, but Mama made ANOTHER FULL RECOVERY!!!

Mama has since been healthy and vibrant.  She told me her purpose is to heal people.  She understands how scary it is when our bodies aren’t working as they should, and she’s here to offer unconditional love and support.  Mama especially loves children.  Mama is a very old soul, and has a strong angelic feel to her.  Her aura is sparkling white and sometimes a little pink too.  She’s a special girl!

When you come to visit Ayni, you may well be greeted by our gentle giant, Mama Mango.  She loves to be pet, and is incredibly friendly.  She loves to be adored and adorned.  Just be careful, she sheds a lot, and you may take some of her angelic fur on your clothes when you leave for the day lol!

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