Healing Massage


5EA37961-497F-46EC-829B-088901DDA9C7Have you experienced a massage that helped not only your body feel well again, but also your emotions and spiritual well-being simultaneously?

Imagine receiving a healing massage from a master therapist who knew what you needed in your mind body and spirit without you needing to explain anything! This is our everyday experience at Ayni where people come for respite, healing, and rejuvenation on all levels.

Pulling from her Divine Guidance and extensive study in medical massage, energy healing, and homeopathic remedies for health and wellness, Denise has successfully treated hundreds of patients with challenges such as:

Headaches        Migraines      Plantar Fasciitis       Anxiety      Neck/Shoulder Pain       Grief       Thoracic Outlet Syndrome        Sinus Congestion      Depression 78B4CD01-DF10-4597-8597-279AC4148F00       Lower Back/Hip Conditions       Injuries     Pain Management        Restless Leg Syndrome      Carpal Tunnel Syndrome      Multiple Sclerosis      Alzheimer’s     Oncology Massage         Rheumatoid Arthritis      Fibromyalgia      Constipation         Disassociation       Adrenal Fatigue       Detoxification      And Many More…

How would your life change if you experienced greater balance in life and overall well-being?

Some modalities Denise fuses together to create unique treatment plans for her patients include:

European Massage        Prenatal Massage      Crystal 3DF76460-F16E-458D-B7EF-9389885FF3C5Healing      Sound Medicine       Reiki       Warm Stone
Therapy        Medical Massage       Aromatherapy      Reflexology       Shamanic Healing       Lymphatic Drainage       Lomi Lomi       Meditation       Empowerment Tools       Rose Water Healing     Abdominal Massage         Tibetan Singing Bowl    
  And more…

Denise uses only the highest quality natural ingredients, organic oils, and therapeutic grade essential oils.

60-Minute Massage (any style except Lymphatic Drainage)

60-Minute Massage Good for all modalities except Lymphatic Drainage


80-Minute Massage (any style except Lymphatic Drainage)

80-Minute Massage Any Modality except Lymphatic Drainage


100-Minute Massage (any style except Lymphatic Drainage)

100-Minute Massage Any Modality except Lymphatic Drainage


50-Minute MLD Session

50-Minute Manual Lymphatic Draining Session


100-Minute Massage + MLD Session

50 minute Massage + 50 minute MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage)


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