Massage Therapy Services

*All services are 60 or 90-minute sessions*

massage1Traditional Massage
Denise’s technique with massage is a long, flowing, and relaxing style.  Whether you need a blissful, stress-eliminating experience with a Swedish massage or aiding the body to fully relax and release disharmony with deeper tissue work, you will feel relaxed and in a greater sense of harmony.

Fusion Massagchakra healinge
Our signature massage service, Denise fuses together elements of traditional massage with energy healing techniques to create a full healing experience mind body and spirit.  A wide array of tools may be used depending on your healing goals (i.e. Reiki, crystal healing, shamanic healing, Tibetan singing bowls, aromatherapy, sacred herbal smoke or flower waters, etc.)

Singing Bowls.jpgHarmony Session
A fully-clothed massage experience that fuses together Crystal Healing, Acupressure, Reiki, and Aromatherapy, this service is excellent for healing stress, anxiety, and grief.


Other Massage Services Include:
* Prenatal Massage
*Rain Drop Therapy
*Reiki Massage

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