Healing Massage

Imagine receiving a healing massage from a master therapist who knew what you needed in your mind body and spirit without you needing to explain anything! This is our everyday experience at Ayni where people come for respite, healing, and rejuvenation on all levels.

We believe in Wellness in the mind, body, and spirit. We offer dynamic add on services that you won’t find anywhere else to help you achieve the healing you’re looking for on all levels. See below for a full list!

All massage services include aromatherapy, hot towel foot treatment, and anti-inflammatory heat pack on the back.  Denise uses only the highest quality natural ingredients, organic oils, and therapeutic grade essential oils. 

To book a massage, please go to https://aynihealingartscenter.com/online-booking.
You may also purchase your massage here and Denise will contact you to set up an appointment.

Massage Services

Swedish Massage

Relaxing, rejuvenating, flowing and blissful, this massage is a general “catch-all” for most people. We work on 1-2 challenge areas, but generally this massage is to increase blood flow, and loosening muscular tension.

60 minutes – $80
80 minutes – $120
100 minutes – $155

Dynamic Fire Cupping Massage/Therapeutic Massage

Excellent for neuro-muscular disorders, cupping is a deep tissue therapy that pulls the fascia, muscle, and ligaments into the cup via suction and moved about the challenge area. There is little to no pain involved. It does leave a red, circular mark on the skin for about 3-10 days. Ideal treatment for chronic tension, congestion, and pain.

Not for those who are pregnant, or with heart, liver, blood, or kidney disorders, or those healing from cancer. A doctor’s note will be required before treatment is given if you have any of these challenges.

60 minutes – $90
80 minutes – $130
100 minutes – $165

PreNatal Massage

This massage is available for pregnant mothers in their 2nd or 3rd trimester only.

60 minutes – $90
80 minutes – $130
100 minutes – $165

Hot Stone Massage

Profoundly relaxing, the heat of the stones relaxes away stress, tension, and congestion.

Not for those with high blood pressure, healing from cancer, any skin, heart, kidney, or liver conditions. Not for sunburned skin.

60 minutes – $90
80 minutes – $130
100 minutes – $165

Oncology Massage

For those healing from cancer and even receiving active chemotherapy treatments, this massage is a soothing, relaxing, gentle experience to help you relax and heal deeply.

If you’re receiving active chemotherapy, please come to your first session with a doctor’s note clearing you for oncology massage

60 minutes – $90
80 minutes – $130
100 minutes – $165

Lymphatic Drainage

Gentle, deeply relaxing, and nurturing, this style gives your body a full and thorough detox. Specific protocols to treat your symptoms are applied in specific order to flush the lymphatic system and return flow back to the body. Click here for more information: https://aynihealingartscenter.com/lymphatic-drainage/

Single 60 minute session – $150

Add-On Services to Your Massage

All Add-On Massage Services are an additional $20 and
fused into your regular massage session.


Limpia is a traditional Central and South American aura clearing treatment. We work with a sprig of fresh Cedar for clearing the aura, and a whole egg rubbed on the skin to absorb the energetic debris that can wreak havoc in your life. Medicine Songs are sung to physically manifest the healing in this process. A healing message from the egg is provided at the end of the full service. Ideal treatment for those who feel stuck, or generally “off”.

Rose Water Treatment

Rose Water Treatment is a unique ceremony to heal the heart. Organic Rose Water is shamanically charged and applied to the skin and face. Medicine Songs are sung to physically manifest the healing in this process. Ideal treatment for those who are grieving, experiencing a loss, or needing to feel the unconditional love of the Sacred again.


Various parts of the body and organs have corresponding areas along the hands and feet that, when massaged in a specific way, promote wellness inside and out. Ideal treatment for most everyone!


Reiki is widely accepted as a gentle, healing touch sourced from “Universal Life Force Energy”. It feels like you’re wrapped in a blanket of love and comfort. Ideal treatment for everyone!

Mini Shamanic Clearing

Working with the medicinal smoke of a sacred plant (i.e. sage, copal, cedar, or palo santo), the smoke is wafted over you the cleanse the aura of energetic debris. Rattle doctoring is often accompanied to deepen the clearing process and move stagnant energy. Ideal for those who feel bogged down, stressed, energetically “heavy” or burdened.

Aromatherapy Head and Scalp Treatment

One of my favorite things in the massage world is to receive and give head and scalp massage! We don’t realize how much tension we store in our faces and scalps – especially when we have chronic upper back and neck tension. Your choice of Lavender, Peppermint, or Vanilla therapeutic essential oils are used for this treatment. Ideal for everyone who loves their face an scalp massaged.

Singing Bowl and Chakra Balancing Treatment

Denise’s set of authentic Tibetan singing bowls have been creating deep healing and alignment in her clients for many years. Each bowl is attuned to one of the 7 primary chakras. Each bowl is placed on or around the body and played to create a profound balancing and healing experience of the chakras. Ideal for those who feel out of balance, stressed, fibromyalgia, or generally feeling “off”.

Ocean Drum Meditation

Using an ocean drum to simulate the sound of the ocean waves, this treatment guides you into an ocean meditation to promote deep relaxation and healing. This is done at the beginning of the service. Ideal for those who have a hard time shutting their minds off to enjoy a massage, or for those who feel they need to “shut off” and restore.

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