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By Appointment in Newton, NJ

1:1 Psychic Medium Mentorship Curriculum

With Joshua Zoppi, Psychic Medium, Mentor, Author, Soul Midwife

*Applications are now being accepted!*

Take a journey with Joshua and explore the mysterious world of Mediumship!

This course is for those looking to hone what they feel is their psychic mediumship gift.  You will work individually with Joshua to customize your experience within this curriculum.  Within this course, you will be given specific formal instruction based on the “Ayni Style” of Mediumship.  Inside this course, you will receive a Psychic Assessment of your spiritual gifts.

Joshua will assess:

– How the Spirit talks to you

– Your way of connecting with the Spirit

– Your specific gifts and how to link up within the Mediumship realm

From there, Joshua will thoroughly review teachings to successfully guide you towards offering your own Mediumship Readings.  You will learn everything you need to know to offer your own Mediumship Readings and so much more via the “Ayni Style”.  Some of the topics you’ll cover include:

  • Working with Respect and Compassion
  • How to keep yourself protected
  • Who your Spirit Guides are
  • Ethics and Responsibilities
  • How to perform a Mediumship Reading of varying lengths of time
  • Your unique spiritual giftset
  • Tapping into your potential

Inside this course, there will be opportunities to dismantle illusions and fears about Mediumship, as well as mindfulness exercises to practice, and specific ceremonies to support your emergence as your own Medium.  Joshua will expertly guide your way into the realm of Spirit with the utmost humility, honor, and sanctity he feels is required to bring respect and dignity to all involved.

To ensure each applicant is a good fit for the completion of this program, the course begins with a 3-Session Prerequisite.  Inside the initial 3 Sessions, you will discover:

  • What it Means To Be A Medium?
  • The Reality of the Work + Ceremony
  • Creating a Sacred Space Within Yourself

From there, the remaining 15 Sessions will commence.  Those sessions involve 4 Case Studies, 2 Field Trips, and professional dignified instruction to bring a sacred honor to this amazing work with Spirit.  There are 18 Sessions total in this curriculum.

Each session runs between 75 – 100 minutes and is scheduled during the weekdays at a time convenient for you and Joshua.  The exchange rate per customized session is $197 payable upon completion of each session.  The time between sessions is up to you: weekly, biweekly, or monthly. To be considered in this program, a one-time 2-Hour Consultation will be scheduled. Out of respect for the time Joshua will take to be with you, there is a $247 exchange for the consultation.

To apply, please complete the application below, then schedule your 2-Hour Consultation with Joshua. During the Consultation, you’ll discover what it takes to be a Medium, goal-setting, program discussion, Q&A, and ensure there’s proper energetic alignment between you and Joshua.

Please begin by completing the form below and click SEND. Under the SEND button, you’ll be directed to our Online Booking tab. From there, you will see Joshua’s availability and book your session.

After you submit the above form, please CLICK HERE to schedule your “1:1 Medium Mentorship – Initial Session”!!

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