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By Appointment in Newton, NJ

Mediumship is a term used to describe a specific kind of reading where the Practitioner has the gift of connecting with your loved ones in spirit. This practitioner can receive messages from the other side for you, and even provide closure, validation, and wisdom to you.

Please note: While our Medium, Joshua Zoppi, can attempt to speak to a specific loved one in spirit, sometimes a liaison will step in instead. He does his best, and is often successful, in reaching your desired loved one, but we cannot guarantee you will speak with any loved one in spirit specifically.

Traditionally a mediumship reading is an hour long service. This allows Joshua the appropriate time to share evidential details of the spirit(s) he’s connecting with. We do offer a shorter, 30-minute option for connection with just one loved one.

Sessions are offered both in person and virtually.

30 minutes I $65
60 minutes I $120

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