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This is the house where healing of the heart and attraction of love is the focus. This curriculum, entitled “Open To Love”, does not have a prerequisite. Anyone who is called to walk the Path of the Heart may apply. A 4-hour workshop, Awaken To Love, provides a small sampling of this 12-Week Mini Series has to offer you. It is scheduled for Saturday, January 22, 2022. Click HERE to learn more about Awaken To Love.

With Rev. Denise Saracco-Zoppi
“The Soul Doctor”, Author, LMT, Life Coach, Heart Medicine Master

“Your class is what made this (marriage to my soulmate) possible!  Thank you!” – Melissa Harley

Join Denise as she shares her unique secrets to attracting your aligned romantic partner to you! Inside her 14-year journey of the Heart, Denise discovered the manifestation teachings that truly work and the most effective healing process that led to her attracting her romantic marital partner. She has designed this program with the teachings and medicine from her Higher Power, as well as other teachings and concepts she learned from Masters in Feng Shui, Magic, Law of Attraction, Shadow Work, Shamanic Healing, and more.

This Program is for you if you are ready to:

⁃ Attract Mr. or Mrs. Right into your life

⁃ Heal your relationship with yourself

⁃ Recognize self-sabotage habits and change your reactions to those triggers

⁃ Strip illusions you have around Love

⁃ Develop an intimacy with healthy external relationships (family and friends)

⁃ Communicate with heart and clarity

⁃ Nurture your self value and self respect

⁃ Express your most authentic self in every situation

⁃ Practice unconditional love

⁃ Easy conflict resolution skills

12 Week Course – In-Person or Virtual

Wednesdays at 7pm Beginning February 2, 2022

Rev. Denise and her soulmate husband, Joshua Zoppi

Part One: Loving YOU Again

We will transform your perceptions of February from depressing loathsome to nurtured heart deliciousness! Working with the Medicines of Copal, Rose and White Pine, this will be the month we focus on the most important relationship you will ever have: Yourself! Denise will teach you her signature process of active self love. She will provide teachings broken down into easy-to-understand steps to develop your own practice. You will understand intimately what it means and feels to love yourself unconditionally.

Part Two: Developing Intimate Relationships

March’s focus will be on our relationships with our friends and family. Denise will share teachings to help you cultivate intimate relationships with the healthy people in your life. We will cover topics such as effective communication, authenticity in relationships, conflict resolution, vulnerability, and openness. This will not only solidify your existing relationships with healthy support systems, but simultaneously pave the way to being able to maintain your romantic relationships for the long haul moving forward. This is the month you will learn how to create stability and deep trust in your relationships.

Part Three: Manifestation and Magic

You’ve put in the hard work with healing your relationship with yourself and others! Now we dig deep for the final 4 weeks to manifest your romantic partner! Along with manifestation work, we will also heal the fears associated with manifesting her or him. We will dig deep and resolve major self-sabotaging behaviors, the beliefs that put them there to begin with, and effectively clear the path for your romantic partner to step forward and be seen by you in your life!

Meditations, Ceremonies, Healing, and more will be incorporated into each session for the entire length of the Program. There will be creative homework assignments given every week to work with for the week ahead.

Participants will have access to the Program via:

⁃ Secret Facebook Group to post your progress, insights, and questions

⁃ Text/Phone support from Denise in between sessions at her availability

⁃ Group consciousness, accountability, and support to elevate your efforts beyond what can be done individually

While Denise cannot make any guarantees of this course’s effectiveness, she CAN say that it has helped her and the hundreds of clients she’s treated to create lasting happiness in their lives. This work profoundly enhances your ability to transform your love life!  See testimonials below!

Your investment in this program will bring you:

⁃ Knowing how to intimately and unconditionally practice self love

⁃ Resolution of the self-sabotage habits, illusions, and fears that you brought into the Program (the more you put in, the more you get out of the program)

⁃ Intimate, heart-centered relationships with healthy people in your life and how to maintain those relationships

⁃ Authentic expression of yourself no matter where you are or who you’re with

⁃ Clear and kind ways of communicating

⁃ Easy conflict resolution skills for use with any relationship

⁃ Nurture your self love and self respect

⁃ A plethora of tools, techniques, and simple ceremonies to manifest your aligned romantic partner

All this will provide you a lifetime of healing and support in relationships with yourself and others on a long-term basis.

Valued at $1,500 this program is offered for a New Year’s investment of just $897. Early bird discount is available through January 22nd! Payment plans are available.

To apply for this program, please complete the form below and provide your $150 non-refundable deposit via PayPal at

Denise will send you an email of confirmation once received!

Deposit for Open To Love

This $150 deposit secures your space inside the Open To Love Program and is non-refundable.


Payment of Program in Full (Early Bird Discount)

Pay for the Open To Love Program in full. Save $48 if you pay in full by January 22, 2022.


3-Month Payment Plan

Spread the payments out for 3 months! Payments are due Feb 1st, March 1st, and April 1st.


About Rev. Denise:

Denise is the CEO and Founder of Ayni Healing Arts Center in Newton, NJ. She has treated thousands of clients and students in the modalities of Shamanic Healing, Massage, Life Coaching, and Heart Healing since 2006. Denise has successfully helped couples in healing their marriages, as well as individuals prepare themselves for a meaningful and enduring love life. For some of her clients, she was honored with the privilege to marry them to their aligned romantic partners!

Denise had to transform her love life after she left her first fiancée in 2002. She was depressed, desperately lonely, and hated every part of her life afterwards. Her Higher Power guided her to embark on a heart healing journey that spanned over a decade. Within that timeframe, Denise came to understand herself, and how she contributed to the life and relationships she abhorred. She discovered how to make long-lasting, enduring changes in every area of her life, including her love life. She went to the ends of the earth to heal herself, and put her very life in danger in the name of real meaningful health and happiness. She is here today because she said Yes to herself.

She is happy to share these teachings with others over the years and feels that no one should feel sad or lonely in this world. She has a soft spot for women and men who feel that love eludes them at every turn. Denise is committed to showing them that there’s a better way.


“Your class is what made this (engagement to my soulmate) possible!  Thank you!” – Melissa Harley

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