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By Appointment in Newton, NJ

This type of reading is a healing experience, as well as a validating one. To understand the journey your soul has taken throughout multiple lifetimes gives us a fuller picture of what we’re here to learn THIS lifetime.

People, places, and situations have a way of repeating themselves in our lifetimes. This often happens so we can learn and grow from them. When they repeat lifetime after lifetime, we’re still in the process of discovering the lesson within that specific relationship, place, or situation. And when we’re stuck in that process lifetime after lifetime, that lesson easily eludes us as frustration with the lesson grows.

A Past Life Reading can help bring clarity to those cycles, and the wisdom of the lesson you’re seeking to evolve from. Often, this kind of reading can be the healing you need to break yourself free from the perpetual aggravation and drama so you can finally move forward to the next opportunity.

Sessions are done both in person and virtually.

30 minutes I $65
60 minutes I $120

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