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Today career, luck and happiness are seen as a result of the person’s life-long learning, self-expression and work, while a successful career is achieved through an ability to combine work, free-time, family life and the feeling of satisfaction in one’s life choices. With the help of natural (nards, valerian, and juniper berries) hand-made incense you might:

Achieve your goals in a determined and purposeful manner;
Achieve abundance in all the areas and boost self-confidence;
Achieve the desired result and successfully complete ongoing projects;
Improve your focus and concentration.

In Norse mythology Thor was the god of thunder, storms and fertility. This incense that boosts concentration and focus will direct you in a proper direction in your relationship with people, in making new acquaintances and achieving your work and activity goals.
This hand-made natural incense:
Is made only of natural plants and herbs;