Moroccan Daff Square Drum


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This square drum is handmade in Morocco with Goat Skin and decorated with Henna. The goat skin is pulled taught around a wooden frame and is tied together with very strong rawhide. No two are alike – each will come with a traditional Berber design on each side. These are individually hand painted onto the goat skin by skilled Artisans.

The Sounds of Tradition

Berber music has been passed down orally through the generations, and is thus known for its strong oral folk tradition. Although the origins of the Berbers are unknown, it is clear that music has been an essential part of Berber culture for thousands of years. Music is used during religious ceremonies and festivals, marriage ceremonies, seasonal festivals, and funerals and burials.

Please Note: Each design is handpainted and unique. Due to the nature of hand crafting, there may be small imperfections. This adds to the character, authenticity and uniqueness of the each drum.

Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5 x 1”