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During the Mesolithic era (about 14,000 – 15,000 years ago), our ancestors were busy surviving the last ice age.  They were following food sources to survive.  They utilized shamanic practices to find food, to seek healing remedies when they became sick or injured, to connect with the natural world for knowledge and understanding, and to connect with their ancestors in spirit to guide them through the many unknowns they faced.  Within their cultural contexts, they also employed shamanic tools to explore their unique connection with the Sacred (aka God, Spirit, Universe, etc.) and their roles within their communities.

The way shamanic tools were practiced was from a place of deep reverence with nature, and a simple purity of connection.  After all, to disrespect these practices or to operate from an egoic mindset could mean life and death for them and/or their loved ones. 

Rev. Denise and Joshua are called to resurrect this simple, humble way of connecting, healing, and growing and share its wisdom inside its own methodology.  What you’re about to read is a compilation of our walk with the Sacred.

A New Healing Method Is Birthed
Rooted in the Mesolithic perspectives of our early ancestors, our Shamanic Medicine Program is now where we will instruct our students on the teachings, embodiment, integration, and healing tools of a new healing method “Whispers of Wisdom” (aka the “WOW Method”).

The “WOW Method” fuses together the many ways healing has always been activated, including:
 – Shamanic foundational practices 
– Intuition development 
– Earth-based practices and magic 
– Wildcrafting and herbal spiritual medicine 
– Reverence and humility 
– Elemental ceremonies 
– Spiritual channeling

A Teaching School is Born
Ayni has had a teaching segment for the past 13 years.  This is not new.  But what is new is that all Ayni teaching programs are evolving into collegiate level curriculums – complete with written and practical exams, Ayni certifications, pre-requisites, and a solid education is created to develop successful graduates.  Graduates can apply what they learn personally or as part of their professional toolkit.

The Ayni Sacred Mysteries School is the new umbrella for the many sacred paths we walk.  Each path is called a “House” and each House will “house” the curriculums for completion.  Some Houses have multiple levels, and other Houses are simpler.

The different Houses are as follows:
– The House of the Healer (for those looking to heal themselves and others using the “WOW” Method)
– The House of Chords (for those looking to study sound medicine)
– The House of the Mage (for those looking to learn about magical living)
– The House of Shadow & Light (for those seeking structured shadow work)
– The House of the Heart (for those looking to heal their hearts and attract love)
– The House of the Psychic (for those looking to develop their psychic gifts)
– The House of Grandmother (for those seeking connection and healing with the Spirit of Ayahuasca)

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