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There are multiple times in our lives when we need healing…  Trauma.  Stuck in toxic cycles.  Loss of loved ones.  Anxiety.  Depression.  Feeling disconnected.  Our challenges affect us on every level – mind body and spirit.  It’s hard to know how to help yourself through your challenges.

A Shamanic Healing Ceremony is for the mind, heart, body, and spirit.  Any challenge that you’re experiencing is traced back to the origin of the wound – which we believe all wounds originate on a spiritual level first. Like our Shaman ancestors of the past, we begin the healing on the soul level so the Medicine can work its way down into the denser bodies (mind, heart, and body).

We begin your first session with the Initial Assessment.  During the 3 hour session, Denise performs a spiritual assessment to understand where the root of your challenges lie and how The Sacred wishes to work with you towards healing your intentions.  She creates a unique healing journey for you that is molded to your specific intentions and goals.  Healing tools, ceremonies, and mindfulness practices are shared as homework to be worked with in between sessions.  This is how we keep the healing moving forward.  You will also receive a healing during the Initial session.

Denise will draw on multiple healing modalities to help re-wire your energetic body towards health happiness and harmony.  The tools are drawn intuitively during the session depending on your specific needs.  During any given session, some of the tools Denise may use include:

  • Rose Water Ceremony – for those grieving or experiencing heartache, or for those who need The Sacred to remind them how loved they are, warmed organic Rose Water is worked with to enter the heart beyond the barriers
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls – powerful vibrational sound medicine that brings up the challenge to the surface, creates energetic balance, and rewires toxic mental patterns
  • Rattle Doctoring – helps to move stagnant energy, remove blockages, and aid in energetic transmissions and healing medicine into the client
  • Reiki – Universal Love from The Sacred wraps around you like a warm blanket while restoring energy depletion
  • Ancestral Healing – for healing traumas from your DNA ancestral lineage and/or your soul lineage
  • Past Life Regression – for tracking the root of your challenges to the originating lifetime and healing it at the root.
  • Limpia – a traditional central and south American healing ceremony that clears the aura with the healing properties of a whole egg and cedar.
  • Power Songs – The Sacred will channel directly through Denise and offer its healing via song as sound healing.
  • Owl Clearing – the Owl sees all, and is worked with a clearing water to cleanse the aura and spirit
  • Soul Retrieval – singing the soul back home after a trauma, this is a heart-warming ceremony to help the soul reintegrate
  • Extraction Healing – removal of toxic energies that block you from manifesting your best life
  • Channeled Guided Meditation – when a specific Healing Guide wishes to step in and create a unique experience for the client to meet with and work with the healing guide directly.

Denise makes herself available by phone, text, or email in between sessions at no additional cost.  She does this because she believes in supporting her clients during their healing journey inside and outside of sessions.  It’s important to Denise that her clients feel deeply loved and supported during their healing journeys.

Initial assessment sessions are about 3 hours at length. Subsequent follow up sessions average 100 minutes.

Sessions are done in person, phone, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, or FaceTime. Please go to the Online Booking tab to schedule your appointment.

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