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Mon, Wed - Fri: 11am - 8pm, Sat and Sun: 10am - 6pm

With Denise and Joshua Zoppi, Shaman Mentors

Part Three: “The Connection”

Begins Sunday, October 4th and Every first Sunday of the month 11am – 5pm until September 2021

*Applications for this program are due by August 15th, 2020. Please submit your application below. Upon receipt, Denise and Josh will ask Spirit if you and this program are in harmony, and share the results with you within 5 days. *

This Third and final year of the Shamanic Medicine Program is designed to round out the students’ comprehensive study of the Shamanic Healing Arts. After multiple initiations and personal transformations, the student has developed an intimate connection with her/his Helping Spirits.

Powerful connections and channeling abilities are further enhanced during this third year as we delve into common fearful healing topics that the student may well encounter in her/his healing practice. The advanced Shamanic Healing tools and techniques will be shared and practice sessions on each other will be had most in-person sessions.

Homework will be provided as to aid the student to deepen her/his understanding of the material, engage in healing ceremonies, and provide practical self application of the new healing tool.


October: Setting the Stage for Magic

November: Deepening Your Client Relations

December and January: Curse Unraveling

February and March: De-possession Healing

April and May: Defense Against The Dark Arts

June and July: Crafting Ceremonies

August: Initiation

September: Graduation Ceremony

There are two ways to experience this program. You may choose to do the full third year at a discounted rate. This is the option we recommend to maximize your learning and to immerse yourself into the Medicine of Year 3.

Full Third Year Program: $222/month for 12 months


  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Secret Shaman Brother/Sister
  • Full Third Year Completion Certificate + Cords
  • Initiation Weekend ($500 value included)

The second option to experience this program is through an “A La Carte”. This means you can pick and choose the topics the student wishes to learn and attend on those days only. This is for the student who has only specific topics s/he wishes to learn and nothing else. This experience is more of a “drop-in” experience.

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion for only those topics and will not participate in the “extras” of the Full Year participants (i.e. Secret Shaman Brother/Sister nor Initiation). Initiation weekend in August can be added to the student’s experience for an additional fee.

A La Carte: $249/full day class – Price is for one class day ONLY.  Some topics will require 2 full class days to complete.

Does not include:

  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Secret Shaman Brother/Sister
  • Certificate of Completion for Topic provided in mail or the last day
  • Third Year Cord
  • Initiation Weekend Optional (an additional $500 for the weekend)

Please complete the Application Form below!

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