Hours Of Operation

Mon & Wed: 11am -6pm, Thur & Fri: 11am - 8pm, Sat: 10am - 6pm, Sun: 10-4

There are times in our lives when we seek spiritual guidance. Whether we’re grieving, feeling lost, confused about our spiritual purpose in life, or just need someone to talk to, our Reverends are here to support your soul during challenging times.

All our Reverends can assist in guiding your spirit to its Divine path in life and healing of the soul. Rev. Wanda Conboy is our Spanish-speaking Reverend and specializes in living authentically and purposefully. Rev. Ellen Rochedieu specializes in hardships that take a toll on the soul. Rev. Denise Saracco-Zoppi specializes in mending the soul after a trauma has occurred. Each Reverend has a unique style and may incorporate other energy healing tools into your session as called by the Spirit.

30 minutes I $65
60 minutes I $120

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