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Feel free to peruse a plethora of testimonials on the Ayni Facebook Page, Instagram, and other online platforms in addition to the testimonials below:

I had been suffering with relapsing-remitting MS and fibromyalgia for over 15 years and had to get regular massages just to get through my very difficult days and maintain quality of life. I was also on enormous amounts of medications to treat these issues as well. I was simply seeking yet another massage session to help manage my chronic muscle spasms and nerve pain that never seemed to cease. The universe had something else in mind. It decided it was finally time for me to begin to heal and not just manage my pain. Denise does just that. She provides a safe, loving and nurturing environment that supports growth in healing. Her gifts and treatments go beyond simply providing relief from pain or just a relaxing and pampering session, they work in collaboration with your own body’s ability to heal itself.  I have now been going to Denise for about three years; I am off ½ of my medications and am often pain free. My quality of life has improved and so has my outlook on life. She heals me mind, body and soul.”  ~Isabel R.

“In working with Denise I found her to be compassionate, patient and very knowledgeable. I am growing and learning consistently under her gentle guidance. Anyone that has a desire to be better, to do better and to get better I highly recommend working with Denise. Her loving persistence will give you the tools to get there. Just do it.” – Meira Findel

“I feel like Denise has my back at anytime I need her she is there for me with open arms in a compassionate, loving, positive way that just uplifts me to say to myself (I got this, I can make it through). The Knowledge and tools have helped me to empower myself to continue to grow and be the best I could be. Thank you!” – Bob Sawick

 “…It is very true when the time is right the perfect teacher will appear. I knew it was time and she was the teacher that the universe was waiting to align me with.  Since I started her program, I have grown immensely and learned to understand things in my work that I did not want to look at before as well as in my life. Denise has shown/taught me to dive into myself and this work in a way that fits me and my needs for where I am at on my path.  She explains things in a way that I can process and understand better than any other teacher I have worked with. She is kind, patient and very compassionate. She makes time for me and all of her students, in the midst of her busy life/day. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a teacher/mentor on their path or looking to expand their work and would like guidance…in any area.” – Lucia C. Cochran

“Having Denise as my Shamanic Teacher has changed my life. She is a wonderful, loving, funny, and intelligent mentor. Her wealth of knowledge about shamanic practices is overwhelming. She is a teacher who guides you helps you out of your comfort zone, but is with you all the way. She encourages you to push yourself and never once I have ever felt their was something I could not consult her about when it comes to my practice. I am forever happy and grateful to have her as a mentor as I navigate this path.” – Ashley O.

“I am so fortunate that the Universe arranged my path to cross with Shaman Denise.  From her Drumming circles, to her Healing circles, to her individual healing sessions, Denise brings forward her beautiful gift of helping others clear their spaces, in order to bring forward, the loving presence that is the God-force in all of us.  Denise uses her Gifts with Spirit in brilliant and loving ways.  Her passion for helping others is seen in her ability to deliver amazing experiences to those who have joined her in sacred space.  I encourage everyone to experience the gifts Denise has to offer.” – Kim Maly, Reiki Master

“The universe gave me Denise when I didn’t even realize I needed her.  And when I did need her she gave herself to me with a loving heart and open arms.  Sometimes, in life we are fortunate enough to realize we are being given a gift; Denise is my gift. With Denise I have found truth, healing and most importantly inner peace.  To say Denise changed my life would be an understatement and an insult to her abilities.  What Denise did was give me back me.” – S.N.

“Getting a massage by Denise felt like Heaven on Earth!!!!  First of all, Denise has the hands of an angel!!! Secondly, her space is beautifully decorated and has a wonderful comforting energy.  Most importantly though, it is evident that Denise greatly enjoys giving massages as she is intensely engaged in what she is doing every moment! She pays the utmost attention to each touch and is very knowledgeable about every muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve and how they are all connected.  During my session, she was completely in tune with my body and applied the right amount of pressure to every area, every time! Not only was her technique amazing, she also used deliciously scented organic body butters and had soothing music playing in the background, all of which engaged the senses in a symphony of pleasures! A few minutes into the session, I was giggling, cracking jokes and feeling like I was floating on a cloud! I experienced a wonderful, safe way to detox from what had been stress stored in my body.  I highly recommend Denise’s massages, as I walked out of there with a feeling of refreshment and rejuvenation which made me dance across the room and skip towards the parking lot! Thank you Denise! You are phenomenal!!! I can’t wait until next time!!!” – Beatrice K.

“Denise is a gifted Shaman who walks the walk and works her gifts and calling. It is wonderful to witness her love for people and the earth and stars and watch the magic that happens in and around her. I am honored to know her and walk with her. She has been a wonderful support and I learn a lot through mentoring her as well. The path of a Shaman is not an easy one and Denise faces the lessons and the challenges with grace and love which is how she can support others in these amazing times. I am grateful she is here in New Jersey assisting many on their journey. Blessings and Love.” – Janet StraightArrow, Shaman, Healer, Teacher

You are a Wonderful Teacher.  You are showing me what is really the true path to becoming a Shaman.  The Knowledge and Wisdom that you have to share is truly amazing.  Again, thank you.” – BB

“This evening’s session was a seminal experience for me. Not every massage therapist can guide you through an out of body experience within your own body. I have never used meditative breathing to manage pressure responses during a massage before. The atmosphere you created in your sacred space was so conducive to meditation, that it allowed me to accept very deep tissue work with minimal discomfort. Like a snake shedding its skin, I left a layer of muscular dysfunction, negative thoughts and spiritual disharmony on the table. Rising anew, I know I have grown. Thank You Denise.” – Aton Ausar

“I’ve worked with Denise for over a year and she has always been supportive during sessions and outside of sessions when I reach out to her for guidance.  Her method of healing and teaching allowed me, in a short period of time, to move through a lot of trauma, pain and experiences that happened over many years; all in a gentle loving way.  Denise shows how she truly loves to help people through her gifts and she has helped me in my healing, like I never thought was possible.  She has empowered me by teaching me many tools for me to carry on my own throughout my life.  I can’t say how grateful I am to have been able to work with Denise and how great the experience – awakening, healing and supportive.”  – DT

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