Shamanic Healing Ceremonies


Shamanic Healing Ceremonies

We Light the Way for You to Move Forward and LIVE again!

Together we open a space for transmutation, freedom, love, and harmony. These sessions are designed to transmute, resolve, and heal the root of disharmonies in the heart, mind, body, and spirit including:

  • Grief, anxiety, depression, trouble moving forward from relationships
  • Self-sabotaging patterns and belief systems
  • Disempowerment and wanting to take back control over your own life
  • Loss of a significant person or multiple areas of life are in flux simultaneously
  • Healing from trauma(s)
  • Disassociation
  • “Bad luck” or misfortune
  • Feelings of being cursed
  • And more…

We begin with a Reading of what the Sacred has to say about the healing you need.

Next, we share empowerment tools, speak about where the root of the wound(s) lie, connect the dots together to help you have a full understanding of what you’re looking to heal within yourself. We provide empowerment tools and create homework assignments to awaken your innate healing potential in between sessions.

Finally, we give ourselves over completely to Spirit. After all, the Sacred knows how best to help you. Every client and every session is different.  Most sessions include the following to facilitate the Love of Spirit to pour forward:

  • Unique Medicine Songs sung just for you directly from healing spirit
  • Shamanic drumming and rattling to support healing spirit with Soul and Power Retrieval
  • Clearing Ceremony to clear unwanted energies, toxic cords, old patterns, etc.
  • Sacred herb medicine
  • Rose Water Ceremony for Heart Healing
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls for rewiring the mind and realigning the chakras
  • Reiki
  • Crystal Medicine

Whether your need for help resides in your body, heart, mind, spirit, or all combined – these sessions are for those ready to create positive shifts in their lives.

Initial sessions are about 3 hours at length. Subsequent sessions average 2 hours.

Sessions are done in person, phone, Facebook Messenger, or FaceTime.

Shamanic Healing Session

2-3 Hour Shamanic Healing Session


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